Enter for last chance to u-pick in 2020


Although we’ve had our last public u-pick of 2020, we’re having ONE LAST  micro-sized, semi-private U-PICK!

5 individuals (+ one guest each) will be invited to come out to the farm at some point in the coming weeks to pick and purchase berries from our very latest ripening variety (these are usually reserved to supply the Cafe’s various blueberry products). The exact date will depend, as always, on how fast the berries ripen but there will be some flexibility in scheduling afforded to the selected individuals. 


Tell us why this special u-pick would be particularly meaningful to you. Maybe you’d driven all the way from Ottawa on a prior u-pick day only to turn around and head home, maybe your great aunt is immuno-compromised and felt she had to avoid the busy u-picks, maybe blueberries are your child’s very favourite fruit in the world but for a variety of reasons you weren’t able to come out this season. Whatever your situation, let us know.

If you’ve already picked some of our berries this season we kindly ask that you refrain from submitting your name so that we can share the joy with someone who hasn’t yet had the experience.


Please submit your name, email and message by Tuesday, August 25, 11:59pm. On Wednesday we will randomly select the five people from the group of eligible entrants and contact them directly to begin arrangements for the visit. If it turns out that you have to wait until next year’s season, we’ll let you know that too.