We are a new small u-pick blueberry farm located 10 minutes outside of Perth, Ontario. We grow thirteen varieties of high-bush blueberries. Pre-picked berries are also sometimes available for sale. Relax and enjoy some tasty baked goods or pick up a handmade gift at the on-site Merry Blueberry Store and Cafe.

* U-PICK days/hours are subject to change depending on berry ripeness and availability. Call ahead for the latest day-of updates, or check website/social feeds for announcements of the next u-pick opening. 

Our Story

img_7320In 2014 my youngest son and I were driving home from his very last day of high school, and chatting about the future. It was then that the seed of an idea to start a pick your own blueberry farm took root in the fertile soil of my imagination and started to grow. I didn’t know anything about growing blueberries. I started researching that night and haven’t stopped since. That summer I visited multiple blueberry farms across New  Brunswick, Ontario, and the U.S., gleaning information from every farmer that would speak to me. I picked hundreds of pounds, taste testing different varieties that would grow in my weather zone. I started integrating elemental sulphur into my field to decrease the ph of my soil in preparation.

The next spring in 2015, my brother, Greg, drove with me to Grand Rapids, Michigan where we picked up my first 1,200 blueberry plants. With his trailer tires bulging under the 6,000 pounds of dirt, it took us 17 hours to drive my new blueberries plants home. After 700 bales of peat moss, 2,000 pounds of elemental sulphur, and a truckload of irrigation supplies were delivered, the planting began.

Today, the beautiful blueberry fields that you see betray no hint of the sweat, tears and yes even blood that has gone into the past 6 years. It has been a journey of trust and faith that the day would arrive when I would be open as a ‘pick-your-own’ blueberry farm. And so it is with great happiness that I welcome you to ‘Balderson Blueberries’ u-pick, and ‘The Merry Blueberry Store and Cafe’. They are the realization of a long held dream. It was my goal to create a peaceful place where people could pick delicious, healthy blueberries, spend enjoyable time outside creating memories with family and friends. I truly hope that you enjoy your experience here.

– Arlene Keith  (owner)