Review of the 2017 blueberry harvest

My 2017 blueberry harvest was a success. My goal to have enough blueberries to thank the people who helped me plant, make all the pies and wine for Sabrina’s wedding, and eat blueberries to my hearts content, was accomplished!

The plan to stagger the ripening season didn’t happen this year, don’t ask me why. All of my varieties of berries, from early to late ripening, turned blue and were ready to pick in one fell swoop. So over the course of one weekend in early August, friends and neighbors came and we harvested 175lbs. And then it was over! But what fun it was (not to mention deeply satisfying) to see my fields (albeit briefly) washed in blue. Some of the berries were so big they looked like grapes. And sweet – so sweet!


The rain this year was more of a blessing to me than a curse. Given the fact that I was lame and needed to redo the irrigation system in one of my fields, the continual downpour gave me some grace time to get it done (even though I lost some plants due to flooding). So thank you all for taking that hit.

I think if the fierce God of agriculture continues to smile down upon me,  I should be able to open for business next year for family and friends and to the public for the 2019 season. Fingers crossed!