Update on the 2020 crop and Covid-19 protocols

Summer is in full swing here at Balderson Blueberries, and it’s looking like our second opening year is going to bear a stellar crop. There wasn’t much winter kill, which bodes well for a plentiful harvest.

August 1st Sunday, July 26 is our anticipated opening day. (Note: berries ripened fast due to recent warm weather, pushing our opening day earlier).

What’s New for 2020

We have put two hundred more plants in the ground. 100 more of the Dukes variety (the earliest ripening cultivar with the beautiful big berries that we know and love), and 100 Bonus, a brand new mid-season cultivar reputed to also have huge, sweet berries. We are excited to try those but it will be four or five years before they have any harvest to speak of.


There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been affected by the global pandemic. We feel extremely fortunate in that our farm prep work takes place outside, far from crowds (though there were a few scary weeks when pandemic-related postal delays almost ruined our annual honeybee pollination).

When we open, please follow all the recommended topline protocols during your visit, such as maintaining 6 feet of distance between you and people not from your household (and wearing a mask if distance isn’t possible) and regularly using hand sanitizer (we’ll also have hand sanitizer on hand, but encourage you to bring your own in case supplies are limited).

We will also be offering curbside pick-up of pre-ordered picked berries (call to inquire for details), as well as our usual roadside stand on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Otherwise, we’ve been busy with all the tasks involved with getting the farm ready to welcome all of your beautiful faces. That includes spreading 1,000 pounds of elemental sulphur (which we do every year to keep the soil ph low, as blueberries need acidic soil), and spread six more dump truck loads of mulch to help retain moisture and deter weeds. We have pruned, installed new irrigation lines, fixed old lines, weeded, gone head-to-head with Gypsy moth caterpillars and done rain dances in the field to no avail.