2020 season kicks off with prolific public pickers!

WOW! You guys must love blueberries as much as we do! Our 2020 season (also, our first fully open season, since last year was just our soft launch) kicked off with a bang last weekend, with a few terrifically strong days and plenty of happy pickers. 

This past week, we were expecting more berries to ripen faster than they did (agriculture: always full of surprises!) and so that delay, combined with many more prolific pickers coming out today (Friday) than predicted, has meant that we must close the u-pick for the rest of this weekend. 

More berries are definitely on the way, they just need a few more days to catch up with all of you power pickers out there! We so wish we could be open for all the days we originally set in our launch schedule (Fridays through Sundays, 9am to 7pm), but such is the life of a farmer. We’re still in the process of learning what kind of demand to expect, and how to arrange our openings to match in a sustainable way.

We have been so, so incredibly touched and delighted by the response to Balderson Blueberries thus far. The sense of peace, joy and nourishment that so many people have said they felt while picking in our fields is exactly the feeling we wanted to instill when we set out on this crazy journey. 

That’s why we will be so eager to open back up on August 7. Hopefully we’re able to then completely resume our normal schedule, however as we’ve always said, it is always dependent on berry ripeness and availability. In the meantime, we won’t be stocking the roadside stand through the weekdays.

We’ll always endeavour to have the most up-to-date information on our website, and on our Instagram and Facebook profiles.