Update to u-pick schedule

On the heels of a faster-than-expected ripening of our early-season berries, our mid-season berries are now ripening slower than expected (Agriculture! Always full of surprises!). We think there will be enough freshly ripened berries by the end of this week to open on Friday with shorter hours (9am to 2pm), but after that our next u-pick day likely won’t be until Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16. 

We so wish that we could open the u-pick for all the days we originally announced but word has spread rather fast and far about our little farm and the plants can’t sustain this year’s amazing level of interest for four days a week. So, we’re anticipating that until the end of the season (in late August/early September) our u-pick days will likely be limited to Saturdays and Sundays, and we’ll be pausing our pre-picked berry sales in order to allow more people the peaceful experience of picking their own.